Nostradamus Predictions

Michel de Nostradamus was born in France on Dec 14, 1503. His amazing prophecies were made in four line verses, collectively known as Centuries, and were published in 1555. He was a physician and an astrologer who came to prominence in the court of Catherine de Medici, when he predicted the death of her husband, King Henry, in a jousting accident.

Did Nostradamus have special powers? Was he a fraud or Nostradamus predictions a conspiracy? Have people manipulated his work to suit their own purposes? Why did he mainly focus on natural disasters and reversal of fortunes of those in power?

My analysis and shocking conclusion is based on his natal chart and his transits when Centuries was published. Read More…

Judge Neil Gorsuch

Judge Neil Gorsuch, the US Supreme court nominee has an extremely unselfish and humble chart. He has literary talents and lot of common sense. Mercury in Virgo close to Venus also makes him eloquent and well spoken.

He will be critical in his thinking and his wide Mercury conj Pluto aspect indicates that he can be quite cutting as well. It is also a sign of violating divine truth unless he is correcting a wrong system.  Pluto trining his Mercury for the last few years gives him the opportunity to understand the universal laws and make lasting judicial inputs…Read More


President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump deserves our congrats for having fought hard and successfully against all odds and seasoned but mostly corrupt politicians or who are being controlled by the Lobby.

I had mentioned in his natal chart analysis that Donald Trump is very much a family man and this was quite evident in the inauguration, where you see his children and even grand children around the desk while he was signing all the important govt documents into law! 

The new president is used to all the pomp and limos and wealth and parties etc. What is important to him is that so many people are still so poor and his Mercury and Venus in Cancer fatherly side is being stimulated by transiting planets.

He is like a saint and a con artist as we had mentioned right in the beginning. However, it is the savior side of him which will be much more active now as he uses all his shrewdness to win new friends and get the economy back on its feet by making creative deals globally. …Read More


2017 World Predictions

We wish all of you a very happy and healthy 2017 and hope you start it with a very positive attitude towards life and the world in general.

2017 World Predictions start with one of the most most positive elements. Jupiter is in Libra from Sep 2017 till 9th Oct 2017. This is the sign of peace treaties and we are hoping that Donald Trump, who was born with Jupiter in Libra, will herald a new policy of peace and harmony around the world rather than the continuation of war and hassles.

In fact, we had predicted his victory partly based on that as there is supposed to be major peace treaties this year.

Obama is born with a Moon sq Pluto which is the hallmark of a radical visionary (exactly like his real father “uncle” Frank Marhsal! Even though he is an excellent orator, the Moon sq Pluto was instrumental in destroying and displacing thousands of families in Libya and Syria.

The last two or three weeks will be the most destructive from his administration but will not work out as many of his policies will be discredited. McCain will try his best to derail the peace talks but will be sidelined by the Trump administration.

Obama has a major accident configuration already in effect till Summer 2017. This indicates wrong timing, lashing out of anger and frustration, running out of time and …Read More

Obama Dangerous Transit

Obama Dangerous Transit refers to Saturn squaring his natal Mars and already in effect till mid next year. This is in a major accident configuration and Obama is acting out of anger and frustration. This wrong timing continues till summer 2017 and often leads to bad temper, bad health and heart related problems in the long run. #BarackObama.
#Russiahack is just an excuse for the failure of the newcons and those in power to get their canditate Hillary Clinton elected so they could blackmail her to do their bidding. Now they are trying their best to subbotage Trump and Putin’s friendship.  
The fact that Mercury is retrograde indicates that the actions against Russia will completely backfire and will not be useful and will be reversed as well as totally ignored by Trump.
Saturn sq Mars leads to temper, bad timing, frustration and impulsive actions. McCain and Lindsay Graham are being vindictive and the Lobby behind it so it not a surprise as it came right after senator Kerry’s speech!
#trump will change it completely and intelligence is all political. If Russian hack (actually wikileaks who got info from within the dems own) helped expose the lies in Hillary’s campaign then it was a service to the American people who are constantly being given false info from the controlled media.
Moon going in Obama’s 12th house shows secret activites undermining him. 35 diplomats is a scorpio (vindictive) number just as Moon in Scorpio on 20th Jan during inauguration is dangerous and shows secret enemies (most senators who are still smarting from Trump’s remarks) trying to undermine what is good for the American people. Moon in Scorpio also points to the intelligence community as well as the real hidden enemies of USA (the newcons) being involved and used to discredit the new administration.
The beginning of a project shows the eventual outcome. Moon in Scorpio shows Trump will completely overhaul the system and transform it even though he will have a lot of opposition while doing so.

Communication Delays

Communication delays seem to happen around the world when Mercury is Retrograde. 

Mercury is retrograde from 19th Dec 2016 to 8th Jan 2017.

Every time NASA tried to send a shuttle when Mercury was retrograde, it was always delayed, so we know they don’t use astrologers!

For real estate people, buyers are more cautious and indecisiveness now.  Mercury retrograde mainly affects anything which has to do with communication (telephones, cell, emails, fax, twitter) and all electronic gadgets. here is increased miscommunication caused by forgetfulness.

Here is a checklist so you can be better prepared for it:

– There will be communication delays everywhere so give yourself extra time for all your projects. People also become much more forgetful so note down what you have to do instead of just keeping it in your memory.

– Make duplicate keys in case you misplace them which is very common during this period.

– Miscommunication is a hallmark of Mercury Retrograde period.  This is not the best time to buy any gadgets or change your phone plans.

– If you are travelling, make sure you have backups of your keys and photocopy of your driver’s licence and passport etc stored somewhere safe.

– Make sure the cell phone bills are paid up otherwise you will be left without communication. Same thing with all communication gadgets…Read More

#mercuryretrograde #communicationdelays


Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton Hands

Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton Hands indicate that the little Princess is much more like her father rather than her mother. She will be much more cautious, follow the rules and also love history and tradition.

It seems that the Duchess has the Life Line and Head line quite separate just like Princess Diana. In other words, she is very independent and likes to control also (Mercury in Aquarius).  However, Prince William has a mind of his own and is not into control like Prince Charles (Mercury in Scorpio) otherwise they would have locked horns. Prince William likes strong women and she is exactly like Princess Diana but much more mature…Read More


President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

We finally have the – 45th President and as expected it was Donald Trump whose planets are on the rise. We can also confirm that Hillary was born in the morning and as I said in the last update it is impossible for her to win as  Saturn will be going down in her chart.  

I had also said when Moon was in Scorpio last time and she was being investigated, the same transit repeats itself on inauguration day.  Moon will be in Scorpio again in her 12th house. This is not a good indication for her health and also for the USA where dark intrigues lie in the shadows. Hope this doesn’t bode any life death matters and more of the transformation that USA will be going through….Read More


US Elections 2016 Hillary or Trump

US Elections 2016 Hillary or Trump is a question on the minds of a lot of voters.

Here is my analysis which I have held back up till now but I feel it is important to reveal the astrologcial insights behind the charts.

Donald Trump really exposed Hillary Clinton in the 2nd Debate.  As we had mentioned before, there are chances for a major peace treaty with Jupiter being in Libra till Aug 2017. Unfortunately, the people supporting Hillary are exactly the same who pushed for the war in Iraq, regime change in Libya and now the Syria debacle. Hillary was instrumental in pushing for the war in Libya which completely destroyed the county and is still creating major problems in that part of the world.

Sending millions of dollars to rebels and the opposition was one of the worst decisions made by the Obama administration and fully supported by Hillary Clinton…Read More


Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump has a very positive chart and dynamic chart. She is very feminine looking yet is confident and has many of the successful traits often found in men. It is a perfect Yin and Yang balance and her Hands show this as well.

Being a mother with three children gives her the nurturing ability and her business accumen is obvious from her chart. Although she has Sun in Scoprio, Ivanka has three planets in Libra which is one of the best signs for female executives. She has a really good legal mind and management skills (Mercury in Libra well aspected).

What I found very positive about Ivanka is that her Head line is totally separate from her Life line. This is much more common with men than with women and it is the hallmark of those who are naturally optimisitc, bold and actoin oriented…Read More


Hillary Clinton Election 2016

There are two charts for Hillary Clinton which makes it difficult till we go through all the vents in her life and figure out which of the two time of births is correct.

Up till now we were given 8:02 am as the TOB and I made some predictions based on that when we predicted a two time presidency for Barack Obama. I mentioned at that time that she has a very good chance in Nov 2016.  However, this was based on 8:02 pm. Recently, a new time of birth emerged which was AM instead of PM. Based on this original time of birth, Saturn is rising ahead of Donald Trump and her chances increase although we will do a full analysis as both of them have lucky as well as disappointments as well.  If she is born in the evening (8:02 pm) then there is absolutely no way that she can become president as Saturn would be coming down in her chart indication a time for keeping a low profile like a retirement phase and lack of public response).

Intrestingly, this is exactly why I had predicted that Bernie Sanders will not get the public response he needs for the nomination.  In the case of Senator Ted Cruz , I had also predicted that there is no chance for him to get the nomination and in 2020 he will have even less of a chance as Saturn will be at the very bottom of his chart…Read More

An Era of Peace from Sep 2016

An Era of Peace from Sep 2016 is starting and very few people seem to be aware of this major shift happening around the world. As I have mentioned previously in our World Events, Jupiter moves from the sign of Virgo to Libra (once every 11 to 12 years), there is a shift coming from conservative to Liberal values. Jupiter will be in the sign of Libra from 9th Sep 2016 to Sep 2017.

  • Which industries will gain from Sep 2016 to Sep 2017?
  • What kind of politicians emerge?
  • Which age group will benefit the most from it?
  • When is the next Peace Treaty coming?

This will not only affect politics but also fashion, environment, and lifestyles.

This change happens once every twelve years and you can easily trace these events back in history.

In politics, the emphasis will be on peace rather than war and the less hawkish politicians will become more influential…Read More